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Innovative Solutions for Spine Surgery

VCF Management


 Joline Double BalloonVeximVexim

Comprehensive VCF Portfolio for Osteoporotic, Traumatic and Tumorous Indications

Anatomical Reconstruction: SpineJack

Spine Metastasis: Radiofrequency Tumor Ablation System

Kyphoplasty: Standard and Double Balloon


Cement: From medium to high viscosity and up to 30 min application time

Annular Closure

Barricaid: Annular Closure Device Barricaid: Annular Closure Device

Sacroiliac Joint

iFuse: Sacroiliac Joint Sacroilic Joint: iFuse  - a MIS Approach to the Management of SI Joint Conditions

Electrosurgical Tools

Fiagon Brain       SonaStar   BoneScalpelBoneScalpel

Fiagon Brain: Electromagnetic Brain Navigation System

BoneScalpel: Rapid, safe and precise osteotomies with reduced blood loss

SonaStar: Precise soft tissue aspiration and powerful removal of osseous structures    for brain surgery


StarSil StarSil: Powder to support blood coagulation

Biomaterial and Bone Press

PerOssal BiomaterialHensler Bone Press

Hensler Bone Press: Autograft harvester

PerOssal Biomaterial: Treating infection patients (Pellets prolong protection against  microbial colonization if preloaded with antibiotics).

Cranioplasty & Cervical


OssDsign: 3D printed titanium skeleton

DTRAX: Posterior Cervical Decompression and Fusion

Data management tool & analysis - KEOPS

KEOPS Datamanagement

Measurable patient treatment results by data management

KEOPS: Automatic capture and simulation of key anatomical landmarks by X-Ray Processing  Applications