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PerOssal biologically degradable and osteoconductive bone substitute

PerOssal® is a unique synthetic carrier for antibiotics and is thus suitable for contamined or infected areas. The biologically degradable and osteoconductive bone substitute can be used to replenish and reconstruct bone defects. The unique microporous structure allows for a constant and even Resorption of liquids (such as antibiotics), as well as a controlled retarded release.



In vitro Freisetzung der untersuchten Antibiotika aus PerOssal® über einen Zeitraum von 10 Tagen



  • Replenishment and reconstruction of different bone defects
  • Combined application with autologous bone substitutes
  • Infected or contamined bone defects after previous debridement and simultaneous systemic and/ or local application of antibiotics



  • Protracted protection of germ colonialization when loaded with adequate antibiotics
  • Complete biodegradation with simultaneous new bone creation
  • Osteosimultative effect by nanocristalline hydroxyapatite
  • Picture: In vitro release of examined antibiotics from PerOssal over 10 days


Clinical application of PerOssal