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DTRAX - Decompression & Fusion

DTRAXThe DTRAX platform is a suite of single-use disposable devices used in cervical spine surgery. The current product line includes access instruments and unique implants, all of which are designed to achieve indirect decompression and fusion via a minimally invasive posterior approach.

How does DTRAX work?


DTRAX is inserted bilaterally through 1.0 cm working channels via a posterior approach. Floroscopic guidance assures proper placement. Once in place, DTRAX the cervical facet joint, opens the foramen, unweights the nerve, and stabilizes the segment. Fusion material is delivered surrounding the DTRAX implant


Ideal indications:

DTRAX is intended for patients with cervical radiculopathy and/or facet mediated neck pain.

Specific advantages:




Please find a demonstration of the technology in use. The video shows surgeon performing a posterior cervical fusion procedure utilizing DTRAX Spinal System.